Dreams are what drives us.

Like many people, our world turned upside down during the pandemic.

Things that we would do every day suddenly become unavailable. That is what happened to me. I used to be a daily visitor of the local YMCA and an avid sauna goer. I didn't love the fact that I had to share that place with others, lack privacy, and general understanding that sauna is not just a swimsuit drying place or lotion application location. I was frustrated many times and thought to myself that one day I would have my sauna. Pandemic gets worse, and YMCA announced they would have to close down their place for a while;

I run out of the house to use the sauna one more time!

I knew I had few hours left, just enough to get my fix. When I arrived, the Y already turn off the heater, so I sat in a slowly cooling down sauna for the last time dreaming of my future, without knowing what will happen next.

January, I had a conversation with my dear friend in Poland (where I'm from), and she was describing the fun her daughter had with her Dad on the lake in the winter getting into cold water - sounds like fun. After the lake dunk, they would go to sauna - sauna on the lake? How cool! It turned out that it was a mobile sauna. When I heard that idea, a lightbulb flashes in my head, and I knew that this is precisely the push I needed.

When my husband came home, I inform him that we will do - a mobile sauna for rent in Rhode Island and Connecticut!

He immediately agreed, it really was a brilliant idea, with us living in New England on the ocean side we will for sure find outer sauna users who want that privacy or option to add a sauna to their upcoming event or to use it in the home for recondensation - the opportunities are endless we knew at that moment that we found our niche. Since then, it took us about six months to build the sauna from scratch, and now we are almost ready to share it with others!

We decided on a barrel sauna for the heat circulation reason and cedarwood for luxury.

We sourced our wood from Vermont by picking it up straight from the woods. My husband works hard on designing and executing the sauna, from constructing the trailer itself and signage. It was a glorious process, and a lot of sweat went into it. I focused on the online aspect of things and communication. Together, we were a perfect team for the task.

(still in the process but there it is!)

Now we are ready to serve you, the dream came true for us, and we could not be happier, I know that sauna is the best way of relaxation, and I want to share that with everybody around!

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See you in a sauna!