Millennials are obsessed with saunas; here is why.

Saunas have been used for business, pleasure, relaxation and are usually related to old and middle-aged people, but this has changed in the last decade. The younger generation has begun to take regular sauna sessions, men and women.

Due to the recent interest in wellness among young people, saunas are gaining attention too. They realize that nothing beats 15-30 minutes of a sweat session, and they want to incorporate it into their lifestyle.

More and more gyms are implementing saunas at their facilities because their members are requesting them. Millennials realize that taking a moment to themselves and for themselves promotes mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

But why are young people turning their heads towards saunas? Here are three reasons:

1.- Young people want to live longer

Finland has been leading researches about the benefits of saunas.

They found in one of their latest studies that it reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke. But the conclusions go further, and the scientists pointed to the communal spirit that lives in them and its meditative and relaxing component.

Autumn is usually the best time to start sauna sessions because the cold begins, and, above all, it is easier for your defenses to lower with the weather changes. Therefore, a good session at a high temperature is ideal for strengthening the immune system since they help produce white blood cells that will help your body fight infections and other diseases. Even if you contact them, you will recover much faster from them.

2.- Millennials want to keep looking younger

We tend to think in terms of muscle and body fat to improve our appearance, but the skin is often the most overlooked. Saunas have become the best space to exercise your skin, crazy as that sounds. Over the years, we begin to accumulate dead cells in our pores, and a few sessions will help improve blood circulation and the growth of new skin to replace the old one.

3.- Home saunas are great after a workout

And not only because it is better to rest after a gym session in a sauna than looking at your mobile lying on the sofa, but because it helps eliminate toxins and, more importantly, improves performance in both weight lifting and aerobic exercises.

In the first case, because it triggers the muscle growth hormone and because releases heat shock proteins. And the second is even supported by studies that say that just two weekly half-hour sauna sessions improve race time to fatigue by 32%.

Young people want to stay young and live longer. Millennials have shown that they have a deep interest in carrying a healthy lifestyle, such as reducing meat consumption, drink more teas, and be friendly with the environment.

What are you waiting for?

A sauna at home is your best bet during pandemic times, or just because you feel shy, there is nothing wrong with that. You can strip down in your own home, in a safe environment, without spending a lot of money.

We offer a rental sauna service to help you continue with a healthy lifestyle without being in touch with someone else. It can be used by all your family members, even together. And when you don’t want to have it or use it anymore, we come and pick it up. You only pay for the time you had it at home.

Join the trend and enjoy a good 15 minutes sweat session at your sauna. You won’t regret it.